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Guardian Angel

Acupuncture without needles!

Guardian Angel is an exclusive product that has over 300 spikes that are designed to trigger acupuncture points just by holding it! Stimulate acupuncture points in your hands to treat and prevent pain and disease.

Instead of inserting needles in your hand, the Guardian Angel stimulates acupuncture points in your hands to treat and prevent pain and disease. The unique shape of the Guardian Angel has close to 300 spikes that reach a quarter of an inch under the skin just by holding it. Stimulate these acupuncture points without puncturing your skin!

No Pain! No Blood! No Fear!

Amazingly simple way to prevent and treat any symptoms!

Amazing benefits that helps relieving tension and pain caused by texting and typing! It also works as a part of preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and numbness in fingers, rheumatoid arthritis, joint issues, and etc. Here are 10 other benefits using the Guardian Angel®.

  1. Increases Energy
  2. Revives brain cells as well as improves your memory
  3. Improves your resistance to stress and diseases
  4. Improves blood circulation
  5. Controls blood pressure
  6. Improves your concentration
  7. Tones up your muscles as well as organs
  8. Improves the quality of your skin
  9. Relief from any soreness
  10. The easiest and most effective way to guarantee your well being

Fifteen wonderful reasons to be with Guardian Angel®.

  1. Increased energy
  2. Revived brain cells and improved memory
  3. Improved resistance to stress and diseases
  4. Strong blood circulation
  5. Control of blood pressure
  6. Prevention of the aging symptoms and overflowing energy
  7. Free from nervousness, dizziness, and headache
  8. Stronger concentration for ideas
  9. Toned up muscles and organs
  10. Softer and healthy looking skin
  11. Warming up your hands and feet
  12. Relieve from stiff neck, shoulders, joints, and body
  13. Sound sleep at night
  14. Overall happiness and satisfaction of life
  15. Well-being of healthier and longer life

Seven easy steps to healthier YOU with Guardian Angel®.

  1. Stimulate the fingers
  2. Stimulate the palm
  3. Stimulate the bottom of the hand
  4. Stimulate the back of the hand
  5. Stimulate the side of the hand
  6. Stimulate the finger pits
  7. Stimulate the fingertips



The easiest and the most effective way to guarantee your well-being is by stimulating all the vital points of your hands.

When you stimulate certain acupuncture points of your hand, it triggers the brain to release adequate amount of hormone, chemical, oxygen, and blood in order to balance out the troubled areas of your body.

If you have pain or discomfort in any part of your body, simply find your sensitive points from your hands and use various Korean Hand Therapy tools to treat the location. If you can read the map of Korean Hand Therapy, you will be amazed about how simple and effective it is.

What do you do when you watch TV, walk, drive or even when you talk on the phone? Just by holding Guardian Angel and squeezing, you can treat and prevent problems in your body. It is practically better than doing 50 sit-ups or push-ups.

As you can see on the picture of our manual, before using Guardian Angel, the body is blue and green, and after about three minutes of stimulation with Guardian Angel, the body becomes yellow and red, that is about 3 to 7 degrees of body temperature went up in your body. Do you know what that means? That means your heart is pumping warm blood throughout your body which causes your body metabolism to go up significantly!

What would you do or have been doing to promote your well-being or prevent pain? We did not know what to do and how to do it. Now you do!

24K Gold plated!

The Guardian Angel is all 24K solid gold coated because a lot of people are allergic to various metals and things. Especially because Guardian Angel goes deep into your skin, we had to use gold to prevent rash, itchiness, and infection. We have tried everything; wood, jade, stone, copper, stainless, aluminum, and even silver. Nothing worked better than gold.

Knowledge is POWER INDEED!

The Guardian Angel was invented by a Japanese acupuncturist about 12 years ago. And because it worked so amazingly well for many different symptoms, more than a few million have been sold. Many people and companies tried to copy the Guardian Angel and they introduced similar products in shapes of a ball, pyramid, triangle, egg, or tubes. And they also claimed that the copy products worked as well as the Guardian Angel, but they ended up causing skin punctures, rash, allergic side effects, and even nerve damages. That is why they ended up in the courts and law suits.

Guardian Angel ® is a professional device used by doctors and therapists worldwide!

The Guardian Angel is being sold now by many doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupunctures, and people in medical industries at the price of $149.00 or over. But now we are giving you the amazing product at a whole lot lower price to promote the benefit of the amazing product at as low as a visitation of an acupuncturist. You will be able to use and get the full benefits of the Guardian Angel for years.

Amazing results!

People get better result with Guardian Angel because they can use it all day long rather than 30 to 40 minutes of acupuncture treatment a day. You can use it as long as you want, to treat your body and mind. You do not have to worry about anything because you can never over stimulate your brain. The brain knows exactly when, where, and how much to release all the great chemicals and hormones to your body.

Once you purchase Guardian Angel everything comes with it. The chart showing exactly where the acupuncture points are and how to treat them, full information of Korean Hand Therapy which is worth a lot of money, not to mention the free seminar where you can learn how to treat your body and your loved ones. And you can also find out how you can be a part of Well Being Creator and become a distributor. Our distributors make a fulltime job-income working part time.

Helping people get rid of their pain and making your life beautiful spiritually and financially!

WARNING: Please do not leave the Guardian Angel in any areas over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, like inside of an automobile, directly under the sun, car glove compartment etc.