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All of our testimonies are real testimonies written by real customers and members. If you would like more information or would like to contact any one of our testimony writers please contacts us at (949) 276-7180. With the consent of our testimony writers we will provide you with their contact information.
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Diane Patterson, MSG, CPG
June, 26, 2008: My bone scan today shook me up badly. My physician performs a special bone scan procedure in which she sits in the room with the patient and preliminarily reads the scan as the test is being performed. As a 54-year old, thin-is, Caucasian whose mother carried the osteoporosis-enabling DNA gene, I was concerned. My older sister, at age 55, found out she had severe osteoporosis the year before when she tripped and fell, breaking her wrist and elbow. Osteoporosis is “supposed to be” a disease of very old bones, maybe about 90 years old, but not my mid-50 bones!

My physician’s news to me was not good: "Diane, you have the hips of an 80-year old. If you fell off a ladder this year, you probably wouldn't break a hip. But in less than two years, you probably would."

As a Gerontologist who studies successful aging, I knew all too well that broken hips, whatever the age, are disastrous. In fact, there is a hormone locked within our hip bones that releases into our blood stream when we fracture a hip. Many broken hip patients do not live out a year. Granted, many people who fracture hips are well into their most mature years, but I have witnessed a late-50’s aged friend struggle to regain her health and mobility after a broken hip. It was a very difficult journey.

My doctor had few prescription solutions to offer me. She warily gave me free samples of Fosamax, the only RX bone strengthener she would write a prescription for, with a warning: “Read the inserts well and think about the side-effects; let me know if you want to take these,” were her parting words.

Having had a history of stomach acid problems, I just couldn't agree to take a long-term prescription that had possible esophagus damage as a side effect. So I took a long at my other options: calcium increases along with Vitamin D and Magnesium boosts, enzymes to help me more fully digest the vitamins and better extract nutrients from my food, even sleeping on a magnet-filled mattress pad and drinking more alkaline water. But these were going to be slow progress while I was clearly suffering a rapid decline in bone mass!

A dear friend highly recommended Red Flower Seeds from James Min at www.wellbeingcreator.com. Her son had broken his arm during his little league pitching season. After only 2 WEEKS using the Red Flower Seeds, her son’s arm was completely healed. The orthopaedic surgeon who had cast the arm was incredulous at the X-rays, as he expected a 2-4 MONTH recovery. I immediately bought 2 bags and started the tea!

Dec 18, 2008: Another bone scan. My sister and I have been using the seeds for 6 months. Jan. 29, 2009: My final results are back: I am REVERSING my osteoporosis! Between June and December, 2008, I regained half the ground I’d lost in 2 YEARS. And with continued use, I am confident that I will once again have strong bones. My results are so dramatic that my physician has begun to recommend Red Flower Seeds to her other osteoporosis and osteopenia patients. For a non-drug therapy to be such an easy and cost-effective answer to a silent, insidious disease is absolutely wonderful! Thank you!!

Beverly Jennings
Dear James and the Well Being Creator Center,
When I met you at the Greens Festival in San Francisco, you introduced yourself and told me you teach Korean Hand Meridian Therapy. I told you I was a massage therapist and that my thumbs were feeling fat and that they hurt from doing so much massage.

In one minute you stopped my thumbs from hurting. That is why I bought the Guardian Angel. I was walking around all the rest of that day, marveling that my thumbs stopped hurting and it only took you less then one minute to make that happen!!

Since then, whenever my arms or thumbs start getting tight, I just use my Guardian Angel tool and within 10 minutes my hands are perfect. It's keeping me in great shape for work, protecting my hands, so I can keep doing lots of massage. I just want to sincerely thank you for designing such an amazingly tool.

I sincerely thank you. May God Bless You and Yours!
Beverly Jennings

Brad Lyons
I purchased a Guardian Angel acupressure hand/palm tool plated with 24K gold and have been using it for about three months now. It has helped alleviate my headaches, stimulated blood flow to the brain, the feet, relaxed my tense muscles in my neck and shoulders and has promoted relaxation to my nervous system while also stimulating nerve endings and pathways(meridian).

Richard Berklite
I was dancing ballroom and felt a cramp or pull in right thigh- when sitting down then attempting to get up, the pull or severe pain of Sciatica kicks in and takes my breath away. As I try to stand straight and the pain eases and I am able to walk and dance. I have gone to sports medicine chiropractor for water therapy, adjustments and had 4 days of 1-2 hours daily of acupuncture. Had taken X-rays of back bone and was planning physical therapy and evaluation. Spent 1000s dollars doing this! I came here to Well Being Creator and went through a demonstration with James and the Guardian Angel. A few minutes of using the Guardian Angel allowed me to get up from a very low curb without pain. Amazing!

Jason Lee
Thanks for relieving my back pain caused by a sport-accident. The Guardian Angel lessened the pain in 2 minutes of use.

Customer from Portland, OR
I started to get hot flashes, my face would turn bright red and I would start to remove my clothing to get comfortable. One time, I told my husband that I need my hot flash pills. As he went to get the medication, he handed me my Guardian Angel instead. He told me to roll it back and forth in the palm of my hands until he got back with the medication. In a short while, he was back with the pill, but the Guardian Angel had eliminated my hot flashes and my body was already back to its normal temperate. It took only seconds. No more pills.

Customer from Los Angeles, CA
I had pain in my left foot when I would stand or walk. I found the corresponding point in my finger, and held the Guardian Angel on it, and in seconds it was gone. I am pain free.

Customer from Beverly Hills, CA
As a chiropractor, my shoulders can get very painful from my work. When my shoulders are overworked, I now can take care of myself. My patients have also become informed about Korean Hand Therapy to improve their own care. Thank You for teaching me Korean Hand Therapy.

Customer from Murrieta, CA
The benefits I get from Korean Hand Therapy are numerous. Here are just a couple. I had canker sores in my mouth. I stimulated the recommended points for 30 minutes while watching TV in the evening, and the next morning woke up with not one sore in my mouth. I also had a root canal done and during the procedure I used the Guardian Angel, then off and on for two days after. I never used the pain medicine prescribed to me by the dentist because I had no pain.

Customer from Murrieta, CA
For years I had aches and cramps in my legs while sleeping. Now, just a few minutes before bed, I use the Guardian Angel and I am free of any pain or cramping, and my sleep is more restful.

Customer from West Covina, CA
For 20 years I had suffered from migraine headaches. They would sometimes last for days, and occasionally keep me in bed, or I would need to be heavily medicated to get rid of them, especially around my menstrual cycle. After learning how easy it is to use the Guardian Angel, now when I start to get a migraine headache, I reach for the Guardian Angel. I will never suffer from migraine headache again.

Customer from San Francisco, CA
A 40 year old man, who was a healing counselor, could not close his left hand or make a fist. This went on for four years. He felt a lot of pain in his hand. In two minutes using the Guardian Angel he saw positive results, and a half hour using Guardian Angel he could close his hand once again. The excruciating pain that was once in his hand was completely gone.

Customer from Beverly Hills, CA
I got headaches a lot and the veins would pop out of the side of my head. The area on my middle finger was stimulated (C1,2,3,4). My headache went away in mere minutes, and I started to feel happy. What a great side effect. In my first class of Korean Hand Therapy I learned how to get rid of 80 percent of my ailments.

Customer from Los Angeles, CA
For five months I had a knot on the top knuckle of the middle finger of my right hand. It was very painful and just wouldn't go away. The doctor said I had some arthritis in it. It seems it had to do with the back of my neck, as I learned in Korean Hand Therapy. The pain was the worst when I was very stressed. Along with Korean Hand Therapy I was recommended to use Yoga and meditation, and to continue stimulating the points to help keep the knot on my knuckle minimized, and the back of my neck pain free.

Customer from Portland, OR
I had jaw and tooth pain all the time because of an auto accident. Although pain medicine helped, I could only eat soft foods, as too much chewing or hard foods caused too much pain. Now with the help of Korean Hand Therapy and using the Guardian Angel I can eat normally and no longer need pain relievers.

Aetna Patel
I had shoulder pains for many years and the Guardian Angel got rid of it. This was great and I recommend people to buy it. Thank you Jamie!