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Master James Min is a certified Korean Acupuncturist and Master of Korean Hand Therapy, specializing in treating the hand and main body acupuncture points and meridians. He is the creator and a practitioner of Yin Yang Yoga Therapy. To his credit, he has founded the non-profit organization, “Let’s Heal the World.org” which serves in uniting people for the dual purpose of spiritual and physical healing. Master Min is the author of “S.O.M. (Simple Oriental Medicine) Wisdom; a self-help book dedicated to defining acupuncture points relating to specific illnesses.

Master Min has been a practitioner for more than 18 years. Born in Korea , his family moved to America when he was a teenager. Having finished High School in Orange County and obtaining a Masters in English Studies, Master Min yearned to return home and study acupuncture. He has had the great fortune to study under wonderfully knowledgeable teachers and masters who passed their wisdom on to him, each one unique. Now he has returned to America to share that wisdom with you. With the Inner Light of a Natural Healer, who genuinely cares for others, Master Min has treated and educated thousands of people around the world and continues to assist clients in taking responsibility for their own health and healing. Any person wanting to enhance their lives by living in ways that brings about balance, health, functionality, happiness, and spiritual responsibility gravitates to these teachings. Learn about the tools, techniques, principles and skills that Master Min utilizes to empower clients to experience personal healing and freedom from pain. Performing live demonstrations; do not miss this unique opportunity to personally meet and learn from Master James Min.

James S. Min
Certified Acupuncturist
CEO and Founder of Well Being Creator
Professor and Sole "Official US Distributor" of Korean Hand Therapy and Products

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